Thank you so much for visiting our web site. The story of how we began is very simple … “J” had a passion for all things personalized growing up. One day, it came to her attention that a small business was for sale and she decided that it may be fun to invest in something she loved.  And so she did.

Many people often ask where the name “A-Z creations” came from. The answer is actually quite simple – when you think of personalized items, what comes to mind ? Initials, monograms and names. Basically L-E-T-T-E-R-S ! And when you think of letters, what comes to mind ?  The ALPHABET … and that is what we do, we personalize items using all the letters of the alphabet: from A-Z.

And just to make things a bit more fun, it just so happens that “J” has two children – one whose name begins with an “A” and the other whose name begins with a “Z”. They like to think it was all in their honor … and guess what – it was!

The rest is history … the once small store above the car wash slowly took off and grew to become Montreal’s go to spot for all things personalized.

We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal customers; old and new with unique, fun and practical items for years to come.